Professional School Yearbook Printing

school yearbook printing

Looking for a professional school yearbook printing service? I have found an Aberdeen based company that will not only help you design the perfect school yearbook but will also print, bind and deliver it in time for the end of term.

The company behind is  established business printing specialists XIC. They have recently entered the school yearbook market and are drawing on over 30 years of industry expertise to provide this unique and increasingly popular service.

Why School Yearbooks?

These days graduating from school is no longer a case of waving a tearful goodbye to your teachers and ex-classmates – ok maybe that have been stretching it a bit in any case – but its become a full celebration of the transition from pupil to student or worker. School leaving ceremonies used to involve sitting in the assembly hall and being wishes a happy and prosperous life by the principle but, these days the highlight of any school graduation is, of course the school prom. And its not just secondary schools which are holding lavish proms – even primary schools are getting in on the act – and why not.

It gives the kids a chance to dress up and play adults for a day and they really enjoy it. Stretched limos, tuxedos and sparkling dresses are de rigeur, of course a glittering ball held at a local hotel or venue are now becoming the norm.

And so, along with the adoption of this American tradition,we have also seen a rise in the popularity of the school yearbook. These have also moved on from simple, hand made affairs to be professionally produced publications worthy of a spot on any bookshelf or coffee table.

Whats In A School Yearbook?

Yearbooks are, of course known for their ‘mug shot’ pages but they can also be used for much more including full student bios covering hobbies, achievements, contributions or even just funny stories. Most schools like to include bios of the teachers as well – after all they are integral part of your school life and an article or two about the school, what happened during the year and, of course awards, and sporting achievements both for the school and the pupils involved.

Believe me, as you get older and the memories fade, a school yearbook will be a great way to cast your mind back and enjoy some of the best years of your life. Of course, they also make great [presents for relatives or even overseas friends and

How Do I Get One?

Well, the simplest way is to head onto the internet and find a reputable school yearbook printer. That’s where comes in. Being an online provider,they enable you to submit your designs via email and they will proof read everything and make design alterations if needed. Its a very simple process and your printed yearbook can be with you in no time at all. They allow up to 100 pages at a time and only have a minimum order of 40 books so its a service that suitable for almost every school. Simply make a payment and have your yearbooks delivered.

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