Indoor Rock Climbing Shoes

This might surprise you but, I have been a rock climber for many years, but I have never really gone about it in a serious fashion. You see, I don’t really climb up mountains. My specialty, in fact, is urban terrain and because of this, to be honest, I have never thought about using rock climbing shoes. Even cheap rock climbing shoes ruin my style. No, I would rather wear sneakers, and use them to clamber up whatever surface I need to get up on. I have climbed on bridges, highway underpasses, and the sides of abandoned buildings. You name it, and I have probably done it if it can be found inside of a decaying city.

Indoor rock climbing shoes always seemed like an easy way out to me. When I was growing up, I was never one to minimize the risks. I would not use rock climbing gear, would not have a spotter, and I certainly would not take the time to change my shoes before I went up the wall. I had some bad falls, sure, but nothing too serious. Then one day, something happened that changed my life forever. You can bet that I will use rock climbing shoes from now on.

It should have happened to me, but it didn’t. I was experienced, but I was the stupid one, and I was getting someone else into trouble. It actually happened to one of my best friends. He had seen me climbing for years, and wanted to try it out. I told him to get a rock climbing shoe, but he just laughed at me. He knew that I would respect him a little bit less if he bothered with all of that safety junk, so he decided to show some bravado and just go on in street clothes. He was not fit like me, and he is not particularly physically coordinated. Don’t get me wrong – he is not in bad shape, but he certainly isn’t someone who should be climbing without any support.

Nonetheless, if he wanted to do free climbing without rock climbing shoes, that was his prerogative. I figured that he was a grown man, and he could make his own decisions. I really should have thought twice. I should have made him stay away from the wall, or at least put on a pair decent rock climbing shoes. His tennis shoes were worn through to the sole, and they were the cause of his fall. He will be alright eventually, but only after months of physical therapy.

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