Designer Power Bank Cases for Smartphones

Just found these amazing, smart power bank cases that can be used with a whole range of portable electronic devices from Stow London

According to their website, the Power Bank Case Stowaway Gift Set is the latest addition to their range of modern and practical luxury travel essentials. Each case is a soft luxury leather pouch with a sleek, portable battery power pack included.

They are great is you are  traveling for business or pleasure, just enjoying a weekend break outdoors, or even on the commute into work. These handy power bank case sets provide enough power to keep mobile devices charged while you’re on the go. We like them because you don’t need to carry plugs or  look for sockets if your battery fails you. They use a universal USB connector to fit a wide range of phones and tablets.

In addition, as well as being convenient and useful, they look great. Each power bank case comes in a beautiful version of Stow’s unique secret Stowaways leather envelope which is  found in all Stow accessories for travel.

With the Power bank removed the case can be used for a range of other uses, as a mini clutch, passport cover or coin purse.The Power bank is slim and palm sized with a weight of only 133g making it easy to carry. You can comfortably handle both the power bank and your phone in one hand when charging enabling you to walk and talk at the same time.


powerbank-blue-1-sm powerbank-brown-1-smpowerbank-amber-1-sm

The Power bank case from Stow is now available from their website and makes an ideal gift for gadget freaks who also have a bit of style.

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