Buying A Diamond – Make Sure You Read This First

Buying jewellery can be a costly business so it pays to do your research, take some time to choose the right piece and then give serious consideration about how you will look after it and store it. Here is some simple advice, that I have picked up over the years about buying one of the most expensive stones you can get – the diamond. For more information, please take a look at my website

Whenever you are purchasing jewels or precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, always demand to inspect the platinum or sterling silver logo of excellence – also called the hallmark. Your goal should be to verify and be satisfied with the hallmarks that show the authenticity of the item. Do not fall for blue, tinted or other simlarly coloured lighting in a jeweler’s store; such light simply serves to disguise the true color of the gem. What you should do in these circumstances is to demand to inspect the gem under a fluorescent light or, better still, in day light.

When buying a diamond, the most important thing to take note of is the clarity of the diamond. The expression ‘clarity’ is used to indicate the amount of faults that a specific diamond has. However, it is usually very difficult to get a diamond that is truly flawless – and these are, as you might expect, very expensive so, remember that the fewer faults diamonds have the more expensive they are.

That brings us to an interesting point – you should know by now that most diamonds sold by retailers are never without some forms of faults. One thing about the flaws in diamonds is that they are hard to see with the naked eye but ,thats actually a good thing because you can always make do with a diamond that does not have obvious flaws or defects as they can be much cheaper but just as nice to look at.

Many people own diamond pieces, but not all diamonds are expensive, and most arent obviously ostentatious. Some diamonds are modest and some are considered just normal. However, if you want to evaluate the worth of your diamond jewellery then your best bet is to secure the service of an experienced and suitably qualified diamond appraiser. Do you know that it usually isn’t possible to properly replace a collection of diamond jewellery without knowing the value of their replacements? If you go ahead and make a replacement without having an accurate estimate of your diamonds value without the help of a jewelry appraiser, you are placing yourself at a great disadvantage, because the value of what you took in exchange might not be comparable to that of the items they are replacing.

So, there you are, some simple, but vaulable advice regarding buying diamonds. Rememebr that most dealers are reputable and if you take care then you will end up with a fantastic piece that will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

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